PUMA Open Is Coming, The PUMA Open Is Coming!!!

Bostonians, remember how Paul Revere galloped down the Freedom Trail to warn the citizens of Concord and Lexington that the British were coming? Well listen closely because this is kind of like that but even more important.

THE PUMA OPEN IS COMING TO BOSTON!!! That’s right; the PUMA Open is back in Beantown and registration just went live!

This is an exclusive announcement made only to those reading our blog and following us at http://www.facebook.pumagolf.com/ and @pumagolf (twitter lingo to those non tweeters).

Join PUMA at the Pine Hills Golf Club on August 21 for the most fun Boston has had since the Tea Party.

Get your foursome together and visit http://www.thepumaopen.com/ to register before it sells out.