Little Vegas

Like most of you, we've been stuck to coverage of The Open Championship.

We have our own thoughts about who will be taking home the Claret Jug at the end of all of this (see previous post, we have our cheering hands full) but that doesn't mean we don't love to hear what other people think. We're taking your thoughts on our Facebook Fan Page so come on over.

We also stumbled across this collection of picks by some of the best bloggers in the golfosphere.

Lastly, we were endlessly entertained this week by our friends over at Nice Ballz who used their patented "BS-o-meter" on Round One of the Open. A perfect Friday read.

It's a beautiful weekend and whether you are out on the course, cheering on the pros at Turnberry, or checking in to see if Charles Barkley's swing will ever get any better at the American Century Championship, just make sure you look good doing it.

We'll see you next week!