Getting Geeked for Golf

Self-Diagnosis Guidelines for Obsessive Gear Heads

By NiceBallz.com

Golfers are gear heads. They love equipment, gadgets and swing training aids. And, golfers for the most part are an obsessive bunch. Why else would we pay to chase a ball around in the woods, and then do it all over again?

Obsessive gear heads do what they do best, they obsess over their gear.

Could you be obsessed with golf? Do you suffer from the same affliction experienced by millions of other golfers who privately hide their excitement for golf? Does your commitment to the game bring you shame?

As a free public service, NiceBallz presents scientifically proven self-diagnosis guidelines for obsessive gear heads. A few things you do, especially before a big match or when playing a new course, will reveal if you’re geeked for golf.

You might be geeked for golf if:

-You clean your clubs or scrub your grips before you play
-You review the online scorecard or take the virtual golf course tour
-You download the course into your GPS distance measuring device a few days before just to be safe
-You wash off your dirty pull cart before putting it in the car
-You buy so many Gatorades and Powerbars that the grocery bagger asks if you want help to your car
-You pick out your stylish head-to-toe golf outfit the night before
-You color coordinate your outfit with golf partners a day ahead (not everyone in Paula pink or Tiger red)
-You play a practice round ahead of an important tournament
-You change the configuration of your adjustable clubs for each course
-You check to make sure none of the spikes on your shoes are loose the night before
-You mark your golf balls before getting to the first tee or, worse, even before arriving at the parking lot
-You make next weekend’s tee time before getting to work on Monday or, worse, right after your round

If you do more than two of these things, you’ve got a bad case and you’re really geeked for golf. But fear not, obsessive gear heads. Other hobbyists get geeked, too.

Cooks sharpen their knives, slice their ingredients and refine their recipes before a big dinner. Runners chow down carbs, hydrate up and stretch it out before a big race. Anglers buy the bait, tie their flies or check the tides before a big catch. Preparation is important for performance.

Geeking out with your gear is just a sign that you’re excited. Golf is a game. It’s supposed to be fun. If you’re not excited to play, maybe you should find another hobby that gets you geeked.

There are many other expensive pursuits for obsessive gear heads. Photography, anyone? Think about all those expensive lenses, each specialized for a specific task. Ohhh. Maybe boating? Lots of difficult dials and pumps. Did you know that boat is an acronym for bring out another thousand? Ahhh.

But few other hobbies can match the allure of golf for those tortured by obsessive-compulsive disorder or just addicted to the game. Geek out, fixated friends. Golf was made for us.


The guys at NiceBallz are not psychiatrists, but they did stay at a discount chain hotel last night. Follow more of their award-winning blog and their golf obsessions at http://blog.niceballz.com/ or on Twitter or Facebook.