Golf Channel Programming Changes Announced

By NiceBallz.com

Breaking:The Golf Channel releases early mid-season replacement options:

The Haney Project - Bill Murray:
Hank works on Carl Spackler's swing, while also trying to help him find what once made the iconic comedian more amusing than
dangerouson the golf course. Guest appearances by Chevy Chase, Dan Akryod and the ghost of Gilda Radner, who not surprisingly is still funnier than Murray.

The Golf Fix:
Heroin and meth junkies are given golf clubs and told low score wins a their 'fix' for the day. Hilarity and head trauma ensues as
contestants use clubs as weapons. Guest appearances by Dog the Bounty Hunter and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The Grey Goose 19th Hole:
Same title, different format.
Vince Cellini and a bottle of vodka. Vince drinks until the bottle is gone while sharing his dismay over why (he) the most talented guy on the Channel can't get a better gig. Guest appearances by Dr. Drew and family members seeking an intervention. Money quote: "Seriously? Scott Van f*cking Pelt is on ESPN...seriously?!?"

Idiot Bloggers:
The Golf Channel embraces social media and online content by inviting a handful of golf bloggers on each week to discuss the game's most pressing issues. Recurring appearances by NiceBallz &
GolferWriterguy as well as Wolfrum, Stephanie Wei, Ryan Ballangee and GolfGirlamong others. Wisely, the Golf Channel elects to have all male bloggers as call-in only guests due to their hideous physical appearance.

Editors note:
Idiot bloggers has bee cancelled in pre-production.

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