While some of our updates this season are visible, others are not. For the first time ever, PUMA Golf introduces Invisibonding to its apparel collection. An alternative to classic stitching, Invisibonding is a light molecular bond that attaches fabric together seamlessly. By welding together two pieces of fabric, a maximum durability is established that can withstand endless rounds of golf, and the multiple wash cycles that follow. This bond also reduces friction to allow precise movement while driving, putting, or partaking in high-fives at the clubhouse.

Orange Invisibonded Tee

And because some things are too good to let go of, our Smart Quill technology is back and better than ever. With TPU spikes positioned at specific angles to customize traction during your backswing, downswing, and follow-through - this shoe has some serious brains. Not to mention, the left and right shoe are crafted differently, because we understand that each plays its own role during your swing.

Now that’s what we call smart.

Swing Crown with Smart Quills

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